With the exponential rise in the number of vehicles, there is a deterioration in the air quality, and in an endeavor to control this, the government has made it mandatory to carry a PUC (pollution under control) certificate. 

The PUC certificate is also a mandatory document that is required at the time of getting two-wheeler insurance. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has made the PUC certificate for bike insurance compulsory. 

Before we understand why it is important, let us first understand what a PUC certificate is.

What is a PUC certificate? 

The PUC, short for Pollution Under Control, is a certificate that acts as an approval document validating your vehicle’s emissions as under control basis the government’s pollution norms. You can get the PUC of your vehicle tested at authorized testing centers located at petrol pumps across India. 

The certificate is a government document issued to you once the emission levels of your vehicles are tested. The PUC certificate contains details such as the registration number of your two-wheeler, the PUCC’s serial number, PUC test validity date, the date on which the emission test was done, and the emission readings of your two-wheeler. 

According to the Motor Vehicle act, along with insurance for your bike, driving license, and registration certificate, it is mandatory for the rider/driver to carry the PUC certificate.

When you buy a new two-wheeler, the dealer issues you with a PUC certificate that is valid for one year. After the first year, you need to check the pollution emission level of your vehicle every six months. 

Every six months, you need to re-visit the authorized centre and get your PUC tested for the document to be valid. Even at the time of bike insurance renewal online, you will have to check whether your PUC certificate is still valid before hurrying to make the two-wheeler insurance online payment.     

Importance of the PUC Certificate

The law has necessitated getting your two-wheeler tested, and just like you carry your long-term two-wheeler insurance document while you are on the road, the PUC certificate is also essential. Failing to do so will result in you having to pay a heavy fine. 

The reason why a PUC certificate is so important is that it ensures that you don’t adversely impact the environment. Additionally, it also indicates the health of your two-wheeler. A healthy two-wheeler is better for the environment as compared to one that burns too much fuel and depletes the natural reserves while deteriorating the air quality. 

Moreover, whether you renew your motorcycle insurance online or renew two-wheeler insurance by visiting the insurance company, you will need to submit the PUC certificate to your insurance provider. Without the certificate, you cannot get the bike insurance renewal online.  

Permitted Pollution Levels for Two-Wheelers

The following table represents the permitted pollution emission levels for two-wheelers:

Type of Vehicle Carbon Monoxide (%) HydroCarbon (PPM)
Two-wheelers manufactured on or before 31st March 2000 (two/four-stroke) 4.5 9000
Two-wheelers manufactured after 31st March 2000 (two-stroke) 3.5 6000
Two-wheelers manufactured after 31st March 2000 (four-stroke) 3.5 4500

Advantages of the PUC Certificate

Now that we have understood the PUC certificate in some detail, let us explore the advantages of having the PUC tested:

  • Conscious of the Environment: Until scientists make a revolutionary discovery, we only have this one planet. Aside from the legal necessities, it is our moral responsibility to ensure that we make the place liveable. If we cannot work to make the environment greener, then at least we have to make sure that we don’t leave it for the worse. 

Carrying a PUC certificate is a reflection of your dedication to the environment. By ensuring that your vehicle is below the pollution emission levels stated by the government, you can ride with a lighter heart. 

  • The Health of Your Two-Wheeler: The PUC certificate will help you understand that your pollution levels constantly fluctuate. This will help you look after your two-wheeler at regular intervals and schedule its serving accordingly. 

If you witness your two-wheeler’s pollution levels rising, you can have your mechanic take a look to detect the problem early on so to don’t have to incur losses down the line. 

Timely two-wheeler check-ups and updating your PUC certificate will help you maintain the optimum health of your two-wheeler. 

  • Abiding by the Law: According to the Motor Vehicles Act, every two-wheeler owner or rider must carry a valid PUC certificate with them at all times. If this is not adhered to, the individual is liable to pay a fine. 
  • Mandatory Document to Renew Two-Wheeler Insurance: A bike insurance secures you against the financial liability of meeting with an accident. However, you often forget to renew insurance for your bike, which leaves you vulnerable on the roads. 

To prevent this situation, you can get long-term two-wheeler insurance that allows you to ensure your vehicle for two to three years. You can simply get your motorcycle insurance online by uploading the required documents. 

At the time of two-wheeler insurance renewal, a valid PUC certificate is asked for by your insurance provider. 

To Conclude

A valid PUC certificate has many benefits. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also helps policyholders easily renew their two-wheeler insurance. Aside from being an important document for bike insurance, the PUC certificate helps an individual maintain the health of their two-wheeler for safer and more environmentally conscious road journeys.  

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