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7 Corporate Team Building Ideas to boost your staff skills

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Teamwork is the underlying factor to a company’s success as it improves and increases staff morale and efficiency in the workforce. Team building exercises is crucial to having a positive teamwork environment as it promotes communication skills, problem solving skills as well as getting to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

Regardless of whether your company is small or large, engaging is team-building exercises will help promote a healthy environment at your workplace. We have found the 7 best ways for your staff to be involved and enhance on their team-building skills.

  • Games

The best way to get to know someone… and the most entertaining way is to play games! Games like who am I, and the egg drop game will have your employees group together to learn more about each other via open communication. A game of Who am I can will see employees sharing 10 things about themselves, which other team members will have to extract by asking questions. Though the egg drop is a messy classic, this activity will have your staff working together to problem solve and ensure that they drop the egg without breaking it.

  • Trust Exercise

A cliché, but a good one! What better way to instill trust amongst your employees than have them put their trust in one another. From having them guide each other around and leaning back into each other will ensure each staff member to be comfortable with one another, making it easier to work together as a team. Have your staff form teams and blindfold all except the team leader, the team leader is then given the task of navigating their teammates around.

  • Improv Workshop

Improv and comedy events are fun as well as interactive sessions. This experience will keep your employees laughing till bely hurts and also teach them useful soft skills of trust and focus. It also improves communication skills. You can either opt for basic improv games or hire a professional for fast-paced, competitive activities.

  • Karaoke Night

Though Karaoke can be a daunting thing to do, especially in front of people, it is the perfect excuse for your staff to come out of their shell and open up. You can also hold a contest and for the best karaoke performance. This activity is a great way to help your team push the boundaries and engage with their fellow colleagues.

  • Sponsored Sports

Sports is all about team work. Why not arrange a sports night with your staff such as soccer, basketball or even bowling? This will have your team working together to ensure they achieve the same goal.

  • Professional Development Workshop

Encourage your employees with a development workshop. Either at your office off-site, this activity will offer a learning experience with everyone, helping them to connect better. You can arrange a workshop related to their current profile or something broader like leadership qualities and negotiation skills.

  • Scavenger Hunt

Work can be stressful, and sometimes you just need to move away from your desk and freshen up. Organizing a scavenger hunt outside of the office is perfect for bringing your team together, making them feel rejuvenated after having fresh air and fun challenges.

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