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Integrating Home Based Employees into Your Business

The look of business today and how they must operate has changed dramatically from only a few decades ago. Companies today must design themselves to move at faster speeds in terms of product development and distribution and be prepared to compete globally. They must also adopt strategies that help them to anticipate market changes, and then provide customer support and services at an unprecedented level.  Finally they must make sure that everyone in their organization is in tune with the company’s plans and strategies and operating at maximum efficiency to achieve them.

A growing trend threatens to challenge this last company necessity. Today many workers are demanding that they be allowed to work from home. This comes about because they might live in a different city than where the office is located and do not want to relocate, or they have children or other responsibilities that they cannot or will not leave to others. If the company has a position that accommodates these employees, more and more they are hiring them.

This approach can present some benefits for companies. They spend less money on office space and amenities for employees required in an office setting. They can also often get higher quality talent by allowing them to remain living and working where they are most comfortable. But there are some major challenges for companies when they integrate home based employees into their companies. The main challenges revolve around communication and how to best execute this important aspect of daily business life. The key for a company hiring stay at home workers, is to utilize the latest technology tools to create the right type and level of communication with these employees.  

Hosted PBX is a Great Tool to Integrate Home Based Employees into a Company

Hosted PBX phone systems sometimes called virtual PBX, or a VOIP phone system is a virtual phone system that provides a company with all of the services needed to manage stay at home employees. The phones system excels at features including:

Call forwarding – Calls can be routed to employees no matter where they are and to the caller it appears that the employee is actually at the business location.

Call Monitoring and Training – Management can listen in on any employees calls for training or oversight purposes. The management person can speak to the employee without the caller hearing these comments.

Conferencing – Conference calls can be set up with stay at home employees either for internal purposes or to speak with customers or suppliers.

Call Routing – The feature allows employees to choose which hours they will be available for calls. Those working from home can switch this service off and modify it based on their availability. When they are not available calls can be routed to other employees or to voicemail. Also any calls in a cue can be routed to another employee.

Hosted PBX allows for a company to provide communication that makes every employee function as if they are actually at the company. They can also quickly engage, oversee and even train employees no matter where they are located. It is also ideal if the company is running several shifts of employees because services are not time specific.

Hosted PBX is a great tool for companies that need to efficiently manage the communication of work from home employees.  The systems are inexpensive to install and operate and have a great track record for dependability.

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