Pune is no longer a city that is in anyway dependent on Mumbai. It has changed               overtime and has become one of the most important hubs of IT in India. The city however is not only home to the IT sector. Automobile engineering and education are also important sectors in addition to the existing hub of IT and IT services. Gone are the days when the city was known to be a hub of tourism. Today the level of business that the Pune city has to offer actually has an influence over Mumbai. Navi Mumbai; which lies on the new Mumbai Pune Expressway has emerged as the IT hub of Mumbai.

The property business in Pune

Property in Pune bears considerable significance in the New Year. The original Pune city is not the hub of development. The newer areas which have led to the evolution of the IT sector are the focus of attention. They have been well planned and have been designed bearing in mind future scope of development. That future is here and the new property development and sales have all started taking place. However this was not the case with Pune half a decade back.

The city, just like all the other major territories was a seller’s market and witnessed a rise in demand for property year on year. The property values also increased at an average rate lying between 7% and 8% annually. This continued even during the times of recession. However this was also the time when the city started witnessing new development trends.

For example, the 2 BHK apartments in the city were exceedingly popular. They still are- but the housing categories have changed. When the sales dipped during the time of recession due to the high rates of interest, the builders sought alternatives. They did not merely create properties to be purchased later on. Instead they proactively started approaching prospective investors and based on the buyer input started developing properties. Suddenly, the market that had long been the seller’s market transformed into the buyer’s market. The distinct demand for affordable homes and luxury housing emerged. This further led to the emergence of high demand of Buy Pune properties.

Today there are all kinds of property options available in Pune. the high end projects like Trump Towers are under development and they are as prominent as the affordable housing projects which have emerged all across the country. As a result, the city is now witnessing a rise in demand for properties at a much greater pace. With the interest rates being reduced, the buyers are investing in greater numbers in properties. This demand is considered to be sustainable and long lasting in the long run.

Finding new homes in Pune

Whether you are looking for new projects or resale flats in Pune to invest in, is a real estate portal that allows you to find the best homes in the city using innovative technology features and data analysis. All these however are not in any way used to impress the end users. The processes run in the background and the end users merely use easy looking features to find the best homes in the city.

The technological innovation is exhibited in the form of features and tools to help find properties using the portal.

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