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Six Easy Steps to Take in Establishing a Hotel Business in Dubai

Dubai has become a hub for tourism and tourists after tourists come over to experience the luxurious life in this Emirate. With huge malls, gigantic theme parks, beaches, and other places that this place boasts, people from all over the world cannot help but visit the remarkable state that is Dubai.

With the increasing number of tourists coming in, especially since Expo 2020 is getting nearer, the demand for hotels is increasing as well. A lot of investors are taking advantage of this event and this situation in the economy as a whole.

What You Should Do to Conduct a Hotel Business Setup in Dubai

The following below contains the steps that you need to take so that you will be able to have a successful business setup in Dubai:

Research on locations

There are a number of locations that you can choose from in Dubai. The best way to find where you can generate more revenue is by researching on the prospective places and scouting them as well.

You can best do this by doing it simultaneously with the step below.

Consult a Consultant

There are a lot of business setup consultants in Dubai. People who are experienced in setting up businesses can definitely give you pointers and provide the necessary research that you need. Actually, you wouldn’t need to research at all because they can simply present you with portfolios of locations that best suit your hotel.

Find out about the law

Consultants will also let you know the laws and rules and regulations that are associated with setting up a business. Certain authorities have their own legal framework for them to regulate their location. You cannot simply assume that the laws from another location apply to the other. However, it can be noted that they are mostly more or less similar to each other.

A simple example of a part of the law, hotel businesses are required to have a tourism license instead of a trade license, which is usually what the other businesses acquire to start operating.

Prepare the requirements

There are various requirements for you to start setting up a business in Dubai. There are general requirements and there are things that are directly required by the authority your location is under. There will also be approvals from a certain government department that you need to obtain.

However, since you have one of the many business setup consultants in Dubai, they can act on your behalf and do everything once you have settled in an agreement—from taking care of the application form, getting the approvals, and going to the concerned government departments

Hire a manager

Do not forget, of course, to hire a manager for your business as this is one of the requirements for business setup in Dubai. The manager that you should choose is someone who has relevant qualifications and certifications. Your manager will help in the process of forming your business as they are included in the initial approval and licensing of your hotel.

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